D I S T A N T   F I E L D S






Composer, viola da gamba performer and researcher based in Athens Greece.  I studied composition, viola da gamba and a course in sonology, at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague.  I hold a BSc in Astrophysics from the University of Wales, Cardiff and I am currently a PhD candidate at the Technical University of Crete in the joint field of Architecture and Music. I teach music theory and composition and occasionally work as orchestrator and composer in theatre productions. Since 2018, I am organising projects in my personal studio, ngallery.

My compositional work consists of music for various combinations of instruments, chamber ensembles, music theater, 3 chamber operas, vocal and electronic music. My music has been performed in festivals such as : Gaudeamus International Muziek Week, Bang On A Can Summer Festival (US), Dag in de Branding (NL), Opera Dagen Rotterdam (NL), Nederlands Kameropera Festival (NL), Klangwerkstaat (DE), Spectrum (US), Sirga (ES), Fime (BR), in the Opera house of Leipzig. (DE), etc. I have received numerous commissions to compose new works : from Korzo theater (NL) to compose three chamber operas, Festival Bebersee (DE), the vocal ensemble Nederlands Vocaal Laboratorium (NL), Ensemble Modelo62 (NL), Arcus ensemble (US) and performers such as Cora Schmeiser, Sylvia Hinz Alexina Hawkins and Mislav Rezic.  Other collaborations include ensembles Ereprijs, Python Saxophone quartet, SylCor, Nieuw ensemble.

My overall artistic output as composer, viola da gamba player and performer ranges from early and contemporary music, to improvised and pop, to music as part of multidisciplinary projects, including theatre, dance, art exhibitions and installations. I have appeared in a wide range of venues and festivals  in various set-ups : Athens festival (Peiraios 260), SGT (Cultural space of the Onassis foundation), Moving silence festival 2011 and 2012, STEIM (NL), interpreting early and contemporary music (with or without electronics) as well as original scores for theater and film. In the period 1998 – 2001 I was a singer and multi-instrumentalist in the electronic music band This Fluid.



“Whenever we hear sounds we are changed...”



Composing & Sound

In my lifetime engagement as composer and performer I have experienced a wide range of sounds, musical genres and performance situations. This, I think, has given me volatility as a musician, which always accompanies me in whatever I do and helps me accept challenges that otherwise I would not consider.

Whether it is vocal, instrumental, electronic, theatre music I am composing, or improvisational or written score I am performing, what always lies at the centre of my interest is sound itself and its structure and organisation in time, through which I can achieve a directionality and clarity in what I am doing.  The past few years I have grown to like sparse sounds in such an organised set up, many times quiet, and I focus on timbre and subtle textural characteristics. The relationship of noise and silence at the micro level of sound fascinates me. My research in music and architecture has given me a new perspective and direction as to how it might be possible to compose in space - time and use my music compositions for creating other environments and worlds.


My first instrument was the voice.  Then came classical guitar for quite a few years and electric guitar for a few more.  Until I discovered the right instrument for me : the viola da gamba.




"Noise is something else.  It does not travel on these distant seas of experience.  It bores like granite into gravity.  It is physical, very exciting and when organised it can have the impact and grandeur of Beethoven"

MORTON FELDMAN (from the essay "Sound, noise, varese, boulez")