Performances and Collaborations


Performance of Music for clarinet and string quartet @ Bang on A Can Festival 2014
Anselm Kiefer exhibition hall @ Mass MoCA
Musicians: Boja Kragulj (clarinet), Adrianne Pope (vln I), Alexandra Matloff (vln II), Alexina Hawkins (vla), Alexander Berry (cello), Paul Kerekes (conductor) 




COLOURED BUBBLED/FATHOMLESS NIGHT, recital by Alexina Hawkins, performance of  Continuum II, April 17th, 2018, BKA, Berlin


THE SADLY UNKNOWN  by Sylvia Hinz - recorder,  Brazilian premiere of  Distant Fields, FIME Festival, Sao Paolo, 16/11/17

CLAUDIO MONTEVERDI 2017, Book VII of Mardrigals, collaboration with the Ensemble 1619, Capella Casazza, Naxos, 27/07/17

WORLD PREMIERES, Arcus Collective, commission by the ensemble, performances NYC, 14/04, Philadelphia, 15/04/17

NOW HEAR THIS FESTIVAL, Canadian premiere of of  Distant Fields, by Sylvia Hinz, Alberta, CA, 18/03/17

RECITAL Lucie Louvrier, performance collaboration with the singer, organised by CMRC, Radar Theatre, Athens, 08/03/17

SOLITARY EXERCISE by Mislav Rezic, Solo recital with performance of Continuum III, Porta Theatre, Athens, 19/01/17



METAMORFOSEIS, recital by Mislav Rezic, premiere  of Continuum III commissioned by the guitarist, Nakas concert hall, Athens, 04/03/16

HER SONG, Portrait Concert, Expedition Metropolis, Berlin, by SmallRoom Berlin, 23/02/16

BLEED,  recorder recital by Sylvia Hinz, US premiere of Distant Fields, New York City, 10/01/16



SPECTRUM, recital by Alexina Hawkins, premiere of Continuum II, commissioned by the violist, Brightspace gallery, Melbourne 12/09/15

SIRGA FESTIVAL, Spanish premiere of Distant Fields by Sylvia Hinz, Flix, Spain, 09/07/15

STILLNESS, premiere of Continuum I by Omicron Ensemble, Porta Theater, Athens 08/04/15

CMRC 35 YEARS ANNIVERSARY, Performance at the festival, organised by CMRC, CIX, Space under, Athens, 20-22/02/15



REMATERIALIZING CULTURE,  participation in the group exhibition with Marcos Novak and Panagiotis Parthenios, with the installation Sosipoleos Analemma, M. Cacoyiannis Foundation, Athens, 28/11/14 - 04/01/15

CONCERT FLOTENKOEPFE, premiere of Distant Fields by Sylvia Hinz , Klangwerkstaat, Berlin, 09/11/2014  


BANG ON A CAN SUMMER FESTIVAL, participation as composer, Mass MOCA, Masachusets, US, 13-07 /03-08 /2014

WINDSBRAEUTE-GEDOK concert, German premier of Something in the Air by Syl’Cor, Schwartzsche Villa, Berlin, 25/02/14



A VOYAGE INTO THE LEVANT, a collaboration with Latinitas Nostra, Athens Festival, 23/06/13

ARCHITECTONICS OF MUSIC,  concert with KSYMEnsemble at the International meeting of musicians and architects, BIOS, Athens, 13/03/13

DU YUFANG BUTOH PERFORMANCE,  viola da gamba improvisation with dancer, Frown Tails, Athens, 18/01/13



EXHIBITION FOR THE ATHENIAN UNDERGROUND, viola da gamba performance in electroacoustic works with Costas Mantzoros, Petros Frangistas, CAMP, Athens, 20/09/12

THIS IS NOT A LOVESONG, participation with vocals in the mixed media installation by Nikos Artemis, Cheap Art gallery, Athens, May 2012

MOVING SILENCE FESTIVAL, viola da gamba improvisation on videos, CAMP, Athens, 24/03/12

SEBASTIAN IM TRAUM, MACEDONIAN MUSEUM OF THESSALONIKI 03/03/12, performance with ΚΣΥΜΕnsemble, presentation of the optical poetry book by C. Triantafyllou

METAXA, LISTENING TO TIME, documentary by. Stavros Psyllakis, performance of the original score by Dimitris Fampas on viola da gamba, Copyright 2012




GREEK COMPOSERS UNION, premiere of the work music for clarinet and string quartet, Nakas, Athens, 15/12/11

ODYSSEVAH, adaptation of songs by D. Savvopoulos, and composition of live soundscape for the children’s play by Xenia Kalogeropoulou, direction by Dimitris Karantzas                                                                                                                 


SEVEN TEARS, collaboration with the Linos - Voulgaris ensemble, Music Village, August 2011                                        


EXPERIMENTING WITH NARRATIVE, performance with ΚΣΥΜΕnsemble, Fournos theatre, Athens, June 2011

ΜOVING SILENCE,FESTIVAL, live performance soundtrack with KΣYMEnsemble for the short film, Little big Berlin του Pilpop, Goethe Institut, Athens, April 2011                         

LES BARRICADES MYSTERIEUSES, performance of French Baroque music with Tsalla Antigoni and Katerina Ktona, Athenaeum Concert Hall La Divina, Athens, 25/02/11



LA TRAVIATA,  orchestration / arrangement of Verdi’s Opera for 5 instruments, Benaki Museum, Athens, July 2010



OPERA DAGEN, FESTIVAL, Performance of the chamber opera Are you our daughter?, Schouwburg Rotterdam, NL, May 2009

DΑS BACH - JELINEK PROJECT : ICH HABE GENUG & CLARA S., German premiere of chamber opera Clara S., Music direction : C. Hornef, Direction : Lotte de Beer, Oper Leipzig Keller Theater, DE, 29/05/09

KAMEROPERA FESTIVAL, performance of the chamber opera Are you our daughter?, Odeon  theatre, Zwolle,NL, April 2009

DAG IN DE BRANDING, performance of the chamber opera Are you our daughter? Korzo Theater 5HOOG, The Hague,  March 2009



GAUDEAMUS MUZIEK WEEK 2008,  participation with the erformance of the vocal work we (6-voice version) by Nederlands Vocaal Laboratorium, Muziekgebouw aan ’t Ij, Amsterdam, NL,

ARE YOU OUR DAUGHTER?  Premiere of the chamber opera based on Shakespeare’s play King Lear, commissioned by Korzo Theater, Mixed II, Libretto : Joris van der Meer, Direction : Lotte de Beer, Music direction : Kornilios Selamsis, Lear: Alexander Oliver, Cordelia/fool:      Camille Hesketh, Kent: Alistair Shelton Smith, The Hague, NL, 11 /12/08



BEBERSEE FESTIVAL, composers commission project, premiere of escape, Bebersee, DE, July 2007

VIER, composers commission project by soprano Cora Schmeiser, premiere of the piece winter.moon, Muziekgebouw aan ’t Ij, Amsterdam, NL, 06/11/07


CLARA S., premiere of the chamber opera based on the play by Elfriede Jelinek, commissioned by Korzo Theater, Mixed, Libretto: Joris van der Meer, piano, music direction: Kornilios Selamsis, Direction : Lotte de Beer



SPRING FESTIVAL, premiere of Ambient Experiment I, written for Ensemble Modelo62, The Hague Conservatory, NL, April 2006



THE SCREAM, Premiere of the chamber opera (music and libretto) commissioned by Korzo Theater, Vuurtongen, performed by ;Nederlands Vocaal Laboratorium, Python Saxophonkwartet, Direction : Olivier Provily, The Hague, NL, 14/06/05



AMONGST ELECTRIC WOMEN,  performance by the Nederlands Vocaal Lab, the swan and the cook,  Amstelkerk, Amsterdam, NL, 13/06/04



Singer and multi-instrumentalist in the band This Fluid

MY LITTLE ORANGE FRIDGE AND OTHER WINTER TAILS,  a play written and directed by : S. Artoumas, Music composition and performance : This Fluid, Fournos  Theater, Athens, 2001

SUDDEN SPACE, ΕΡΓΟΣΤΑΣΙΟ, a 3-D dance performance, collaboration with dance group Choreftes,                          sponsor: European programme Culture 2000, original music composition and performance : This Fluid, Ergostasio, Athens, 2001

POLIS, collaboration with choreographer : Michalis Nalbandis, original music and performance : This Fluid, State Theater of Northern Greece,  Thessaloniki, GR, 2001

SAFETY DISTANCE, ΑΠΟΣΤΑΣΗ ΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΑΣ, collaboration with dance group Choreftes,  Original music composition and performance : This Fluid, Neos Kosmos Theater, Athens, 1999

LOOK, TIME IS AROUND US, collaboration with dance group Choreftes,  Original music composition and performance : This Fluid, Choreography : Michalis Nalbandis, sponsor: Kaleidoscope program, European commission, Ergostasio,, Athens, 1999

DOCUMENTARY ON THE LIFE OF DEMOS THEOS,  composition and performance of original music,                     Direction :S. Siafaka, Director of Photography/editing ; Panagiotis Tsagas, COPYRIGHT 1999

ΤRASH ART FESTIVAL, performance with This Fluid, Technopolis Gazi, Athens, 1998



This Fluid – Spiral EP (1999, hitch-hyke records)
This Fluid – Lips like poppy (2000, hitch-hyke records)

Collaboration as vocalist:                                                                                                                                                                              
Spy F & the zakulas  (2003, Pop art records)

Collaboration as viola da gamba player:                                                                                                                                             
Οphir Ilzetzki - Still life with riots (2011, suRRism-phonoethic