COMPOSITION IN SPACE-TIME AND WORLD MAKING                                                                

My research in the field of Music Composition and Architecture focuses on composition in space-time, and the infinitely large or infinitesimally small areas found along this continuum. Within this vast spectrum, fundamental elements of sound such as tone, timbre and dynamics, are extracted and isolated from the grand forms of my own original compositions in order to be redefined in the spatial domain.

How does the micro - macro structure, originally perceived in the temporal domain, can acquire dimensions the spatial domain, creating something in another medium?





Reciprocal transformations between music and architecture as a real-time supporting mechanism in urban design .September 2016 International Journal of Architectural Computing 14(4), Authors : P. Parthenios, S. Petrovski, K. Mania, N. Chatzopoulou



2016   From Xenakis to the Present : Continuum in Music and Architecture, NICOSIA, CYPRUS, 13-14/06/16





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